Connection Failure Lloyd Loom Furniture from Eastward
Lloyd Loom woven fibre furniture

Eastward Lloyd Loom furniture includes both classic and contemporary styles to suit a wide range of home and commercial settings.

Why choose Lloyd Loom?

Lloyd Loom furniture is beautiful, strong and extremely durable, and its name is synonymous with good quality.

A piece of Lloyd Loom furniture can sit equally well in a country home or a contemporary city apartment.  There are many designs and colours available that will enhance any home or commercial setting from living or dining rooms to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

lloyd loom plaque

What is Lloyd Loom?

Lloyd Loom is a weave created by spinning kraft paper around steel wire.  This is then woven on a loom to create a strong and versatile material that can be formed into almost any shape of furniture.  The Lloyd Loom weave is unique, and only furniture made using this distinctive weave is able to bear an authentic Lloyd Loom plaque.


Lloyd Loom Chairs

Dining Chairs

Dining and Occasional Chairs.

Lloyd loom tables

Children's Lloyd Loom

Beautifyl Lloyd Loom furniture for our little ones.

Lloyd loom linen baskets


Blanket Boxes and Linen Baskets.

Lloyd Loom Cushions


A range of washable Chenille cushions for our Lloyd Loom furniture.